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Bedroom FAQs

Fitted wardrobes can be made to measure taking full advantage of the space available, and as with any fitted furniture it can increase the value of the property.

We can supply all types of bedroom furniture including fitted wardrobes, sliding doors and frame system doors, along with bedsides, chests of drawers, and makeup tables.

We can make wardrobes to fit the space you have, the standard wardrobe depth is 580mm deep.

We remove any existing fitted furniture, construct the new wardrobes on site, fit the doors and handles, cut plinths and fillers and then scribe any panels for a perfect fit. This is then followed by a thorough clean and removal of any waste.

Yes, we can have sloping doors made to exactly fit the space.

Yes, we can design the wardrobes to make full use of the available space.

They are usually securely fitted using screw fixings.

Yes, as with all fitted furniture, if done correctly it will add value to your house.

This really depends on the size, but on average you can expect to pay from £2000 to £8000.

There is a 2-year warranty on the installation and all supplied items will carry a manufacturers warranty, usually between 5 and 10 years.

The advised minimum floor space is 2m by 3m but we have lots of experience in making the most of available space.

Yes, there is a gap between the back of the unit and the wall to allow ventilation.

This depends on the size of the room and the work involved, on average a fitted bedroom will take 1 to 3 days to complete.

Yes we have a lot of experience in making the most of the space available.

With our range of made to measure doors we’re not governed by standard door sizes, so we can make a fully bespoke fitted bedroom to fit the exact size of your room.

We cater for all shapes and sizes of bedroom and can provide lots of clever ideas for making the most of the space available.

The best way is to use the full height and width of the available space, and with our made to measure ranges that’s exactly what we’ll do, there are also several clever space saving gadgets available that we can recommend.

Yes, we supply a fully fitted service.

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